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Tutto inizia nella mente. E qui alla CIA, ti diamo gli strumenti per riprogrammare quei pensieri e credenze negative in modo da poter costruire nuove credenze positive e autoaffermanti nella vita quotidiana. Qui troverete un sacco di video di salute mentale che possono aiutare a navigare gli alti e bassi della vita e vi aiutano a costruire su ciò che si sta imparando in classi. Usa queste risorse ogni volta che ne hai bisogno per aiutarti a cambiare il tuo algoritmo e cambiare la tua vita!

"Happy Place" Meditation (2.5 Minutes) - with Joel Relampagos

“Happy Place” Meditation (2.5 Minutes)

Happiness isn’t a destination that we have to travel to. It’s a feeling inside that we can take with us wherever we go. Try out this 2.5 minute meditation about your “Happy Place.”

"Impermanence" Meditation (9 mins) - with Joel Relampagos

“Impermanence” Meditation (9 mins)

The Universal Law of Impermanence reminds us that the only thing permanent in this life is change. Basically, nothing lasts forever. This isn’t anything to feel sad about. It’s quite helpful to be aware of and here’s why. When we’re experiencing something good we get to feel more grateful and really cherish it while we have it in our lives.

Forgiveness by Joel Relampagos


You don’t have to wait for an apology in order to forgive someone. Learn more from CYA’s Founder Joel Relampagos

Destination Addiction

The chase for happiness will always be a chase. Instead of looking outward, go inward.

"Letting Go" Meditation (5 Minutes) - with Joel Relampagos

“Letting Go” Meditation (5 minutes)

At ‘Change Your Algorithm’ we believe that meditation keeps us balanced, present and aligned with our truth. Here’s a 5-minute meditation about “Letting Go.” Whether it’s a regret, insecurity, past relationship or something we’re shameful of, the secret to letting go is by simply letting it be. The things we try to run away from are the same things that haunt us. By letting things be, by finding acceptance and compassion, you will find that it becomes easier to let things go. Try out this 5-minute meditation and make sure to check out our mental health classes and even more meditations on our website: changealgorithm.com

CHALLENGE YOUR BELIEFS - with Joel Relampagos

Challenge Your Beliefs

Airports and Websites both have a security check. Make sure that your mind does the same for negative self-beliefs. Remember that 80% of our daily thoughts are considered to be negative and a majority of them are NOT TRUE: “I’m a loser”, “I’m not worthy”, “I’m never going to be successful”. Always challenge negative self-beliefs when they arise so you recognize that they are in fact false…and not worthy of living in your mind. Visit Change Your Algorithm, a mental wellness + motivational program that offers several free online classes for anyone that wants to live a better life. Everything starts with the mind.

Societal Expectations - with Joel Relampagos

Societal Expectations

Redefine EVERYTHING: What pretty, success, love, and happiness look like. Don’t let society try to fit you into a mold that you were not meant to fit in. As Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Visit Change Your Algorithm, a mental wellness + motivational program that offers several free online classes for anyone that wants to live a better life. Everything starts with the mind.

Your Inner Child - with Joel Relampagos

Your Inner Child

I bet you were an awesome kid! No childhood is perfect but what I want you to know is this. Whatever you wanted as a child back then, you can provide as an adult right now. Wounds from the past can still be healed in the present. Visit Change Your Algorithm, a mental wellness + motivational program that offers several free online classes for anyone that wants to live a better life. Everything starts with the mind.


“Schadenfreude” is a German word for people that get pleasure in someone else’s misfortune. “Schaden” meaning “Joy”. “Freude” meaning “harm.” This is different from “sadists” because those are people that inflict the harm. “Schadenfreude” is when harm is not inflicted from the person. That person just wishes misfortune or harm on another to “even the playing field.”

Toxic Relationships

Ditch the toxic people in you life. You deserve better! Here are some tips on how to do it and why. Check out changealgorithm.com for more information on how to take care of your mental health.

STRESS MANAGEMENT - with Joel Relampagos


We all experience stress, but most of us don’t know how to manage it. Here are some helpful tips on how you can manage stress when it surfaces. To learn more about how you can take care of your mental health during a time of fear and uncertainty, visit changealgorithm.com

Gratitude - with Joel Relampagos


80% of our daily thoughts are considered to be negative. 95% of those thoughts are repetitive. Remember that while we can’t control our thoughts, we can control how we respond to them. Remember that you are not your thoughts, you are the observer. Here’s something you can control, your amount of gratitude! Count your blessings, not your problems.

Anxiety Management - with Joel Relampagos


Anxiety is when we start to have a fear of a false future. We tend to anticipate the worst situation then believe that it’s definitely going to happen. Here are some tips on how to manage anxiety.


A big part of feeling fulfilled is about accomplishing goals in all aspects of your life. Setting goals comes with balance. Here are my top 10 Tips for Goal Setting.

Conscious VS Subconscious Mind

Conscious vs Subconscious Mind

If you think we can only use 10% of our brain power, then think again. In this video you will learn how to access the other 90%!


Our lives are like a phone. We sleep to recharge, we look for connection, and we can take in a ton of data. But there’s something phones do that we forget we can do as well.

Rompere lo stigma

Il nostro innovativo spettacolo ‘Breaking the Stigma ‘ racconta le storie degli studenti di tutti i giorni mentre navigano nel mondo della salute mentale. Sviluppato in collaborazione con la società di tecnologia di istruzione Chegg, vedrete gli studenti mentre discutono le sfide che hanno affrontato con la salute mentale e come sono stati in grado di superarli!

"Breaking the Stigma" Episode 1: Corisa

“Breaking the Stigma” Episode 1: Corisa

“Breaking the Stigma”, Episode 2: Joseph

“Breaking the Stigma” Episode 2: Joseph

Breaking the Stigma - Episode 3: Joe

“Breaking the Stigma” Episode 3: Joe

Breaking the Stigma: Episode 4: Jadelin

“Breaking the Stigma” Episode 4: Jadelin

Breaking the Stigma - Episode 5: Tommy

“Breaking the Stigma” Episode 5: Tommy

Breaking the Stigma - Episode 6: Parker

“Breaking the Stigma” Episode 6: Parker

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